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Nov 25, Free Download Cue Cards for Mac - A slim and straightforward macOS application which enables you to create and print cue card sets and.
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Most of them are offline apps while we have included some online services as well. We will take you through the different aspects of these tools so that you can get the best flashcard app for your needs. Shall we begin?

Flashcard Templates [Mac Pages / Numbers]

Flashcard Hero is a freemium flashcard app for Mac. The full version comes with a price tag. We have been testing the Lite version for the review since Paid features are somewhat additional. You can create cards, study them and track progress from the same window. There is an option to customize the UI according to your needs.

Best Flashcard Apps for Mac

For instance, it lets you disable the Sidebar for a seamless experience. It has a smooth workflow for creating and studying flashcards. Right when you open Flashcard Hero, you can find the option for creating the first flashcard. For each subject, you can create an individual deck. In the full version, Flashcard Hero lets you store cards per deck. Flashcard Hero offers different modes to study as well. You can use the same flashcard for memorizing the content, type in the answer or select from Multiple Choices.

This will prevent you from getting bored in the long run. Some of these modes have audio content support as well. It means you can use Flashcard Hero for studying almost everything. This freemium tool does not disappoint when it comes to progress tracking. Did we say that it has support for Spaced Repetition?

Thanks to this, you can track your learning progress based on cards. If you mark cards as difficult, Flashcard Hero will bring them again for thorough learning. Altogether, we loved how Flashcard Hero helps you keep all your resources together. Apart from the basic flashcard making and studying, Flashcard Hero does not offer much. However, we loved its option for Remote Control.

You can use your iPhone as the remote for changing and flipping flashcards on your Mac screen. Rich content support is also worth noting. Its free version is somewhat limited. For instance, you can store a maximum of 20 cards in a deck. We think the free version would be enough for most students. Flashcard Hero Lite is the best option if you are looking for an effective flashcard app for Mac. While it does not offer tons of feature, you will love using and studying with this app.

AnkiApp for Mac is a completely free flashcard app. But, the best part about AnkiApp is its collection of features. AnkiApp has a funky User Interface. Not everyone may like it, but it gets things done. You may also need some time to get used to the UI.

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However, unlike Flashcard Hero, AnkiApp lets you change the color scheme and customize the Studying interface. Just provide the name and description and you can start adding cards. The update also includes picture-in-picture to watch videos while you scroll and block. The revised proposal raises the cap on the number of sites that an ad blocker can block.

Simple to use Free Adaptive learning Minimal setup. You can also cut and paste your questions from anything electronic. Was this review helpful? This is by far my favorite flashcard program I used it for just about every course I ever took. It takes seconds to download and is incredibly easy to use. There are learn and quiz modes. You can track the percent of times you got the correct answer for each card.

It's better to download a program for flashcards rather than to rely on websites just so you don't need to worry about internet access. Updated on Oct 25, 3. Has option to shuffle the words, making it more challenging and assuring that I have actually memorized it sufficiently.

Study on your Mac or iPhone

Can also add words in any place you wish by using the left mouse button to designate where you want the word and the keys to type it in. No spell check. Cannot rearrange card order.

Download Cue Cards Mac

When running on Win 7, occasionally corrupts entire file as no longer can open CueCard file because "unable to read unicode text" error. Have to open corrupted file using notepad, copy all texts, then paste tests into new CueCard file in Notepad. A quick and easy way to build plenty of flash cards for studying and reviewing. This is an indispensable study tool. A spell checker would be useful. Also, it would be awesome if it worked on Mac and Linux, but being a software developer, I know that's easier said than done.

Flashcard Hero for Mac

This has been helpful for my son with practicing harder words I can add my voice to the cuecards. This is a really old app, and I'm concerned if it'll ever cause issues on my win7 machine. So far, no problems, though. Great program for studying spelling and easy for my kids and I to use together esp with the voice attachment feature. I have tried many programs before, even paid ones, and all of them lacked something, or crashed constantly. You can even PRINT your own flash cards, it is awesome, and it has this quiz mode where questions are randomized, so cool It is one of the kind, I really appreciate the people who put time and effort doing this for us.

And the best thing is for FREE! Updated on Oct 26, Oh, and I forgot, the program actually gives you a grade for what you have learned in the quiz mode. Plus, it generates automatically an notepad document with the statistics from the previous quiz, so you can compare the answers to see how much improvement you have made. Definitely, this is the best program out there, recommended for A students. I am one ;. This is a simple easy to use program that does exactly what it says.

It is practical and effective.

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  • NO bells or whistles needed. This is a bottom line application that is very straight forward. There are no cons. Cue Cards formerly known as Cue Cards Desktop is a macOS application which enables you to very easily create cue cards and send them to the Cue Cards app on your iPhone.

    Using this application, you can create cue cards for any type of event, be it a meeting, wedding toast, commencement and more. Working with Cue Cards is a piece of cake. From the File Sharing window, you can view the list of card sets on your phone and add sets from your Mac that you want to share.

    With Cue Cards, there are no complicated text editing settings. All you can do is create card sets, add cards to them, insert your speech text and flip through cards. The good thing is that the workflow is highly intuitive, but, on the downside, it could use more options here and there.