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Download free pay stub templates for Excel, Word, and PDF. Choose from a variety of payroll stub template options.
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One of the most important aspects of payroll is its impact on the morale of the employees. Most employees depends on their salary for their living so it has to paid on time on a consistent basis without delays. Generally for small businesses, processing payroll is daunting and time consuming task.

Maintaining accurate payroll is very important to business owners as well as to employees to avoid misunderstandings and chaos in the organization. Apparently the free pay stub template makes the goal of the business owner lot much simpler. A blank pay stub template for Microsoft Word is ideal for generating pay stubs for a large number of employees.

Download a Free Pay Stub Template for Microsoft Word or Excel

Where the template may have spaces for the information on the employee and their salary receivable. Many successful business owners all across the world appreciate the importance of pay stub templates in their daily business needs. A pay stub also known as pay check slip is the document that itemizes the list details about the employee pay. It shows the total amount paying out by the company to the employee.

Less any taxes withheld and voluntary deductions if any. Online free pay stub template is widely beneficial to entrepreneurs who want to create a payroll of multiple employees at the same time.

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Creating a custom pay stub has become fairly easy now a days with the pay stub generator. The online pay stub template creates pay stubs in a matter of minutes that can be printed, downloaded or shared online. The advancement in web based solutions have contributed much benefits to business owners and entrepreneurs. Some of the benefits of using this tool are payroll management is really a time consuming affair. And especially if you have the pressure of creating pay slips without having a proper format then the process is a real nightmare.

The free pay stub template makes your work easier and organized. By creating the employee payroll based on the history provided. There are some notable benefits of using this built in website templates. A pay stub template for Microsoft Excel usually consists of a list of employees to whom their salary is payable.

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Their personal information as well as the various deductions from their gross pay to arrive at the net pay. A lost or stolen paper check must have a stop put on it and a specified amount of time must pass before a new one can be issued. With all of these benefits, there are few reasons not to switch to a paperless pay plan. However, nothing is truly paperless, it would seem.

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You still must provide check stubs to your employees. You can simplify this process using one of the following pay stub templates.

There is a pay stub template in. This pay stub template is compatible with all current versions of Word, including , and Replace the sample logo with your company logo in the header of the template. You will also need to edit the header to replace the sample text with your business information and the employee's information. The first table in the template lists the descriptions, rates, hours, totals and year to date totals for a variety of payment types, such as regular, overtime and holiday pay.

The second column describes deductions for the current pay period and year to date totals. These tables will automatically perform certain calculations. If you are in search of a clean template with sizeable rows and columns for easy writing and easy viewing of information, you can download the below attachment, add your company logo and other important details and customize it to suit your company needs. This template can serve as a quarter or half yearly pay stub document for the employees of your company.

Columns for YTD Gross pay, net pay and other necessary deductions make this robust template suitable for submitting tax returns. This layout is one of the simplest of paystub templates with spacious columns for working hours and their respective deductions.

15+ Free Pay Stub Templates

This is especially for employees who work for you on an hourly basis. This paystub template is a more detailed format for employees who work in an hourly basis. This layout consists of wages of ordinary hours during weekdays and weekends, the number of corresponding hours worked, rate per hour and the total pay earned by the employee. Here, you have a both practical and functional paystub template for the employees of your organization. Here is a format for the dual payroll register for an individual pay period as per the total gross wages and the inclusion of other deductions including the employee taxes and other necessary information.

The remuneration statement is a detailed paystub format for a tax payer with a stipulated earning. An interesting feature of this template is that it provides the details of the tax deductions for the current pay period as well as displays a YTD snapshot of the total deductions made. This template is a compact document which includes the earnings and the deductions of the employee in a structured and tabular form.